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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com
best kitchen ideas and inspiration from Remodelaholic
Cut Costs By Remodeling Some Or All Of Your Kitchen By Yourself. We Are Sharing 15 Of The Best DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Take an outdated kitchen and create a functional gorgeous kitchen with these 15 kitchen remodel ideas.

More kitchen inspiration to keep the ideas flowing: We have remodeled two kitchens ourselves (in our Park House and our Downing House) and shared dozens of amazing kitchen remodels with you. Clearly, we LOVE kitchens!

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com

15 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Every kitchen remodel begins as a dream and some inspiration. To get the inspiration train moving, I’ve narrowed it down to just ten, okay, fifteen of the best kitchen remodel ideas we’ve shared here on Remodelaholic. This was so hard to choose — like choosing a favorite chocolate bar, because they all are just so wonderful…

No two kitchens are alike, but doing all or part of a kitchen remodel yourself is a great way to cut costs so you can have the kitchen of your dreams while still on a budget.

And now, here are the kitchen remodel ideas I chose as our Remodelaholic’s favorite kitchen remodels. Click the link to see the full project, including the kitchen remodel before and afters — you won’t believe how some of these kitchens started out!

White Cabinets

The white cabinet trend is still going strong. If you aren’t able to go all white, try a two toned look. Or go with contrasting countertops in darker shades. Here are some ideas for inspiration for white cabinet kitchen remodel ideas.

best kitchen remodel ideas -- big kitchen remodel on a budget, Everywhere Beautiful on RemodelaholicBig Kitchen Makeover on a Budget | Everywhere Beautiful on Remodelaholic

white kitchen cabinets with stainless steel pulls. best kitchen remodel ideas -- white painted cabinets with reclaimed wood countertops, Keeping It Cozy on RemodelaholicCountry Kitchen Remodel with Reclaimed Wood Countertop | Keeping it Cozy on Remodelaholic

best kitchen remodel ideas -- transform kitchen cabinets with molding, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia on RemodelaholicKitchen Remodel with Cabinet Update Tutorials | My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia on Remodelaholic

two toned kitchen cabinets with kitchen island. best kitchen remodel ideas -- secondhand craigslist kitchen remodel, Binkies and Briefcases on RemodelaholicCraigslist Kitchen Remodel | Binkies and Briefcases on Remodelaholic

Butcher block counter tops. best kitchen remodel ideas -- kitchen update on a $100 budget with open cabinets, Harbour Breeze on RemodelaholicKitchen Remodel on a $100 Budget | Harbour Breeze on Remodelaholic
(you have to check out the crazy cabinets before the remodel!)

best kitchen remodel ideas -- kitchen renovation and adding a kitchen island, HouseFour on RemodelaholicComplete Kitchen Renovation and Island Addition | House Four on Remodelaholic

DIY kitchen remodeling and updates. best kitchen remodel ideas -- gutted kitchen renovation with new lighting, Balancing Home on RemodelaholicGutted Kitchen Remodel with New Lighting | Balancing Home on Remodelaholic

best kitchen remodel ideas -- galley kitchen renovation, A Sense of Design on RemodelaholicClassic Galley Kitchen Remodel | A Sense of Design on Remodelaholic

best kitchen remodel ideas -- complete kitchen transformation with white cabinets, A Well Dressed Home on RemodelaholicComplete Kitchen Transformation with White Cabinets | A Well-Dressed Home on Remodelaholic

best kitchen remodel ideas -- bright ranch kitchen makeover, Cape 27 on Remodelaholic1950’s Ranch Kitchen Makeover | Cape 27 on Remodelaholic

best kitchen remodel ideas -- black and white kitchen makeover adding kitchen island, Eating in the Shower on RemodelaholicBlack and White Kitchen Remodel | Eating in the Shower on Remodelaholic

Open Shelving and Half Walls

Add a bit of a curated touch to your kitchen by adding open shelving. Be thoughtful in adding useful and beautiful pieces. Or make a space seem bigger by adding in an opening to another room with a half wall.

best kitchen remodel ideas -- Remodelaholic park house kitchen, update without painting cabinetsMy Park House Kitchen with Updated Oak Cabinets | Full Reveal
(you know I couldn’t resist! more info on how to get this look here)

best kitchen remodel ideas -- recycled kitchen cabinets with butcher block countertops, The Domestic Fringe on RemodelaholicRecycled Kitchen Cabinets with Open Shelving | The Domestic Fringe on Remodelaholic

Beautiful open shelving in the kitchen. best kitchen remodel ideas -- open kitchen cabinets with beadboard, Low Country Living on RemodelaholicKitchen Remodel with Beadboard Open Shelving | Low Country Living on Remodelaholic

Remodeling Pro Tips

There are so many things we have learned from our remodels. here are a couple of great pointers to consider before starting a kitchen remodel.

  • Consider remodeling in phases. It can be hard to be without a kitchen for a long time. Break down your kitchen remodel into chunks to accomplish easily over time. It make take longer, but it can help save your sanity throughout the process.
  • Create an Inspiration File. I like to do this when looking through magazines, or even better when surfing the internet or pursing Pinterest. Create a Kitchen Remodel board and save all of your ideas in one place. P.S. Follow us on Pinterest for more great ideas.
  • Decide what you can DIY and what you need to hire out. As we mentioned before doing some of the kitchen remodel work yourself can save you money overall. If you can do demo, great. Find what skills you feel are easily done by and then research hiring out the rest.

Read more about kitchen remodeling here:

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Cut Costs By Remodeling Some Or All Of Your Kitchen By Yourself. We Are Sharing 15 Of The Best DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Originally posted 8.26.2013 // Updated 4.14.2021

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