9 Ladder Decor Ideas for Your Porch and Yard

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Christmas Ladder Decor Ideas For Stockings Porch Decor And Lights Remodelaholic
9 Outdoor Ladder Decor Ideas For Porch Ladders And Vertical Planters Remodelaholic
Easy Porch Ladder Ideas For Decorating An Outdoor Wood Ladder With Flowers And More Remodelaholic

A wooden ladder makes for easy porch decor! Try one of these ladder decor ideas for your porch or yard. 

Build your own blanket ladder or angled decorative ladder, and see more indoor ladder decor ideas here. 

Easy Diy Porch Ladder Ideas For Outdoor Decorative Ladders For Flower Planters Vertical Garden Lighting Remodelaholic

Ladder Decor Ideas for Your Porch or Yard

Patriotic Porch Ladder

This gorgeous idea, by Etsy seller TreasuresbyBetsy, simply wraps an American flag down the length of a vintage ladder. Beautiful and simple!

Refinished Wooden Orchard Ladder With Flag For Summer Porch Decor, Via Etsy

You could add a punch of color by using regular fabric in place of the flag, too.

See more patriotic red-white-and-blue decor ideas for the 4th of July.

Welcoming Porch Ladder

Add a chalkboard or welcome sign to a ladder for an easy welcoming porch like Primitive and Proper did. (More easy porch decor ideas here.)

Blanket Ladder Porch Decor, Primitive And Proper

Learn to make your own easy chalkboard welcome sign. 

Porch Flower Ladder

Daisies and ferns are so perfect for this rustic branch ladder at Ashbee Designs!

Outdoor Porch Ladder With Daisies, Ashbee Designs

A few rustic wood buckets and faux floral stems make this spring ladder flower pot planter shine on Tatertots and Jello’s front porch.

Porch Ladder With Flower Pot Buckets, Tatertots And Jello

You’ll also like: How to Build a Plant Ladder Stand

From My Front Porch to Yours used wire baskets to hold potted flowers for her front porch flower ladder decor — easy peasy!

Flower Basket Ladder For Porch Decor, From My Front Porch To Yours

Cheap and easy porch decor: Paint a reversible pallet porch sign

Outdoor Ladder Flower Pot Hanger

Going vertical is a great idea for the garden and flower beds, too! This hanging vertical planter takes an easy to build wood ladder and adds flower pots for a burst of color along the fence. See how to make it with Angela Marie Made featured here.

Easy Build DIY Vertical Planter Wall Ladder For Fence Angela Marie Made Featured On Remodelaholic

You’ll also love this vertical cedar monogram flower planter!

Backyard Ladder Planter

This ladder style planter leans against the fence and can serve as a trellis or pot hanger! And, smarty pants Sugar and Cloth used a premade handrail — no building required!

Wooden Ladder For Plants, Sugar And Cloth

You could also repurpose a crib rail or an old banister for the same garden ladder style.

Outdoor Ladder Chandelier with Lanterns

For an outdoor dining area, this hanging ladder filled with lanterns is great for style and for adding some ambiance after dark! (by Top This Top That)

Vintage Ladder As Outdoor Chandelier With Lanterns, Top This Top That

Use battery powered candles like this DIY outdoor chandelier, or for a place with direct sunlight, opt for solar lanterns.

See more easy outdoor lighting ideas here. 

Outdoor Dining Area Organizing

For an outdoor dining area or barbecue, baskets on a ladder make for an easy way to organize plates, utensils, and other necessities, like Love and Renovations did here. Great idea for small backyard!

Outdoor Dining Ladder Organizer Decor, Love And Renovations

See our tips and picks for baskets to hang on ladders here. 

For more budget-friendly outdoor dining ideas, see how we revamped our patio using paint and IKEA finds. 

Vertical Garden Planter Ladder

Plant an entire garden in this vertical garden found at Capper’s Farmer! A sturdy ladder and some S hooks and bins are all it takes.

Vertical Wooden Ladder Porch Planter, Capper's Farmer

Related Reading: DIY Suspended Vertical Garden  //  IKEA Hack Vertical Planter Shelf

Christmas Porch Ladder Decor

I love pivoting everyday decor to Christmas decor — and a ladder on the porch makes it so easy! Hang ornaments with a pine swag like this (original source unknown):

Porch Ladder Decor For Christmas Ornaments

How to Make Your Own Fresh Evergreen Swag

or add some fresh pine boughs for a super festive Christmas porch ladder. Isn’t Ashbee Designs’ arrangement wonderful?! It even has lights!

Christmas Porch Ladder, Ashbee Designs

See more Christmas ladder decor ideas here. 

More outdoor patio and porch decorating ideas:

Easy Porch Ladder Ideas For Decorating An Outdoor Wood Ladder With Flowers And More Remodelaholic

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