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Yoga for better posture is something that should be on ALL of our daily to-do list. Even if it’s not on there daily, it should be on there at least a couple times a week.

It doesn’t matter if you sit all day, stand all day, or move around constantly. Our daily habits are the things that seal in poor postural patterns, and it’s so important to pay attention to it so we don’t seal anything in that could eventually lead to discomfort, pain, or injury.

I hope you enjoy these poses to help improve your posture!

1. Gentle Standing Backbend
Standing with the feet hip width apart, interlace the fingers and reach them down towards the heels. Instead of focusing on bending from the lower back, focus on lifting the sternum up towards the sky. Keep drawing the shoulder blades together and down the back.

You want to feel this as a chest and shoulder opener, not as crunching in the lower back. If you feel this intensely in the lower back, back off and refocus your attention to the chest and shoulders.

2. Seated Hero (on a block)
Supported Hero is such a great postural reset. It lets the knees drop below the hips which takes pressure off the lower back and keeps the spine in a comfortable neutral position.

If you’re super flexible, it may be tempting to do this without a block, but I really encourage you to use one anyway for the reasons above! For our purposes here, this is to give the back a rest and to help it reset. It’s not intended to challenge you this time.

3. Seated Side Bends
Keep both hips on the ground as you do this. Focus on your inhale to send the breath to the space between the ribs, expanding the tissue there. The more pliable that musculature is, the more expansive the breath. The more expansive the breath, the more comfortable our posture is. 
4. Low Bridge
We’re continuing to decompress the back and open the chest. For low bridge, draw the shoulder blades towards eachother and clasp the hands together. Think about creating more space across the front side of the body.

5. Chest Opener On Blocks
Hands down, this is one of my all-time favorites to improve posture. It basically makes your body take the opposite shape you normally do when you’re sitting and slouched over a desk. I also love that it’s passive and relaxing.

Block placement: one should be skinny side up between the shoulder blades with the lowest part hitting where a sports bra would go. Upper part of that block should be below the neck. The second block is just to support the head. I usually put it on it’s medium height and let my head relax there. 
Over to you! Have you tried any of these to improve your posture? Personally, i swear by them. Every time I feel like I’ve been slouched for too long (whether it’s due to work or travel), these always restore my body perfectly. Let me know if you give it a try! 

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