The 7 Best possible GameCube Video games of All Time

Launched in 2001, the GameCube adopted the N64 and taken an outstanding library of titles with it. It featured some of the easiest controller designs of all time (which continues to be utilized by devoted Transfer avid gamers nowadays) however faltered because of a loss of on-line options and a restricted release library. 

In comparison to its competition, the Xbox and the Ps 2, many avid gamers felt the GameCube lacked a definite one thing. That mentioned, the gadget featured a library of unbelievable video games which can be nonetheless value taking part in nowadays—if you’ll be able to get your arms on them. 

This listing of easiest GameCube video games don’t seem to be simple to emulate or to find within the wild, however in case you do, they’re neatly value it.

Animal Crossing

Printed in 2001, Animal Crossing has a odd thought: you reside in a the city and befriend your neighbors, repay debt to enlarge your house, and reside an another way easy, idyllic lifestyles. It’s additionally performed in real-time, with the seasons in the actual international mirrored in-game. Positive, you should “time shuttle” by means of converting the clock in your GameCube, however doing so detracted from the purpose of the sport. 

If you happen to failed to avoid wasting prior to turning off the console, the following time you began taking part in, a mole named Mr. Resetti seems and starts to yell at you. It evolved a cult following this is nonetheless observed nowadays, particularly with the new unlock of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Transfer.

TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 used to be some of the wackiest video games within the GameCube’s lineup. One among a restricted selection of FPS titles at the console, TimeSplitters 2 had an strange unmarried participant mode whose tale consisted of ten ranges focused round touring thru other time sessions and preventing an evil crew from destroying historical past. 

The real price of the sport lay in its multiplayer mode, on the other hand. It presented amusing on par with GoldenEye at the N64, providing ranges set all over historical past with guns to check. There’s only a sure attraction to rampaging thru early 20th century Chicago with a laser gun. The sport additionally includes a Map Maker so that you can design your personal stage and characters that vary from a fish bowl on a robotic frame to a Harley Quinn lookalike.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker breaks clear of the normal method and groups Hyperlink with a sentient boat named King of Pink Lions. The arena of Hyrule is submerged in water, with handiest scattered islands ultimate. The Wind Waker additionally departed from the former name in prefer of a extra cell-shaded graphical taste. 

The crusing component is other than anything else observed in a Zelda name prior to (or since) and it’s value trying out for your self. Wind Waker will supply hours upon hours of journey that puts it firmly within the most sensible 5 most sensible Zelda titles of all time.

Tremendous Spoil Bros Melee

Thought to be some of the biggest video video games ever created – and indubitably some of the easiest GameCube video games – Tremendous Spoil Bros Melee took the phenomena that used to be Tremendous Spoil Bros and introduced it to a brand new stage. Melee retained all the characters from the unique video games and presented brand-new faces, together with characters from Hearth Brand—a sport that had by no means prior to been launched outdoor of Japan. 

Tremendous Spoil Bros Melee presented new single-player gameplay components, trophies, and multiplayer modes that helped change into it from a amusing mash-up combating sport to one of the in style aggressive combating video games in historical past.

Tremendous Mario Sunshine

The Tremendous Mario collection has all the time outstanding itself with new gameplay components and settings in every iteration of the sport, and Tremendous Mario Sunshine used to be no other. Forgoing the standard stomp-and-smash gameplay in prefer of the F.L.U.D.D., a backpack that shot water that would transparent graffiti left in the back of by means of the Shadow Mario. 

All of it takes position at the Isle Delfino, a tropical hotel that Mario, Peach, and Toad are vacationing on. Tremendous Mario Sunshine isn’t as mentioned as Tremendous Mario 64 or Tremendous Mario Galaxy, nevertheless it’s the most productive Mario sport at the GameCube.


Pikmin is a sport that blends puzzle and real-time technique components in combination for a consequence that’s equivalent portions lovable and difficult. The sport is known as for the plant-like creatures referred to as Pikmin, beings that inhabit an unknown planet the protagonist crash-lands on. 

You are taking the position of Captain Olimar and will have to befriend Pikmin and use their distinctive talents to recuperate portions of your spaceship prior to your air provide runs out. There are a number of other colours of Pikmin, every with other talents to make use of to assist restore the send.

Metroid Top

The Metroid collection has been an established favourite of enthusiasts, however till Metroid Top, it used to be all the time a 2D aspect scrolling platformer. Metroid Top re-imagined the collection as a primary particular person shooter however held directly to the similar feeling as the former video games. 

Metroid Top is exploration-heavy, with many spaces locked in the back of doorways that may handiest be opened upon getting gotten the suitable skill. You are taking at the acquainted position of Samus Aran and struggle your approach around the planet Tallon IV, in the end encountering previous fan-favorites like Ridley and a Metroid. 

Whilst indubitably a departure from Tremendous Metroid or any of the 2D titles, Metroid Top stays some of the easiest video games within the collection. Even now enthusiasts eagerly look ahead to the discharge of Metroid Top four at the Nintendo Transfer, years after the primary 3 titles.

What’s your selection for easiest GameCube sport? Did we depart off any video games value citing? Tell us within the feedback beneath.   

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