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I’m in point of fact excited to introduce this Rockstar DIYer lately. Nick is a particularly gifted woodworker who’s as captivated with his tasks as he’s his gear. Nick is the lead over at The Sawdust Maker. You are going to be told a number of woodworking guidelines and methods on his weblog, so make sure to test it out and practice alongside as he builds some superb issues. Nick is right here lately to speak to you about Desk Noticed Protection and Pointers to practice that may stay you and your palms protected.


I pay attention that desk noticed humming away, I believe Nick is able to kick up the sawdust and make some noise! Put your palms in combination for The Sawdust Maker!


Pals, it’s Nick from over at The Sawdust Maker! A website dedicated to serving to others take their woodworking talents to the following stage. Whilst I’m within the center a joint sequence on my site, I sought after to take a minute to speak to you about desk noticed protection.

The desk noticed is essentially the most used instrument in my store. It additionally occurs to be essentially the most intimidating instrument for many newbies to make use of. So shall we get a grab on those elementary protection pointers to practice.

Prior to we dive into this, I need to urge you in finding your desk noticed handbook and browse it. Wait, what? Sure other folks… in reality learn these items. It’ll quilt the fundamental protection laws in addition to any security measures explicit on your noticed.

Now, earlier than you flip your noticed on, do the next:

  • You’ll want to’re no longer dressed in free becoming garments. This doesn’t imply you want to wiggle into your thin denims… simply ensure that not anything is offered for the blade or paintings subject material to catch.
  • If you’re dressed in lengthy sleeves, roll them up previous your elbow’s.
  • Stay blouse wallet loose of things.
  • Take away any jewellery.
  • Put on non-skid, neatly becoming sneakers… last item you need is to slide or go back and forth into the blade!
  • In case your hair is lengthy, pull it up right into a ponytail.
  • Put on ear and eye coverage.
  • Don’t function whilst drained or below the affect. Stay the ones ingenious juices on your design procedure!
  • Unplug your device and do the next:
    • Visually test your noticed for broken parts:
      • Take a look at the ability twine
      • Take a look at the Blade
        • Search for Gum or Pith at the blade, blank it whether it is grimy.
        • Take a look at the carbide and ensure it isn’t chipped or lacking tooth.
        • Stay it sharp. This can be a lot less expensive than changing them and can assist stay the ones burn marks down!
      • Take a look at to make certain that the guards, splitter, riving knife are in position and freed from harm.
    • Take a look at the alignment of the fence, making sure it’s parallel with the blade. A snappy reference is to line it up with the t-slot and visible test to look whether it is aligned.
    • Ensure that the blade is tight.
    • Take a look at the belts for over the top put on.
    • Take a look at the alignment of the splitter/riving knife.
    • Is there sufficient room round you for the board you might be in need of to chop? There’s not anything extra demanding than getting phase method via a lower and knowing that you just don’t have sufficient room to complete the lower!


Now we’re nearly able to chop a board! Right here are a few things to bear in mind when stepping as much as the whirling beastly hunk of iron.

  • Stay the splitter and riving knife in position always to assist save you bad kickback.
  • Use a desk noticed blade guard every time imaginable, this may increasingly assist stay your palms out and perilous picket chips/knots in.
  • Decrease the blade beneath the desk floor when the noticed isn’t in use.
  • The desk noticed blade top must be set in order that the carbide tooth of the blade prolong slightly past the peak of the paintings piece. Between 1/4 – 3/8”.
  • Don’t achieve over or at the back of the desk noticed blade.
  • By no means place your palms or palms within the trail of the desk noticed blade.
  • Stay a 4-6” margin of protection the entire method round your desk noticed blade. This can be a DO NOT ENTER zone!!!!
  • By no means again a board out of a lower.
  • Slicing a bevel? Position the rip fence at the facet reverse of the bevel lower. (see beneath)

Table Saw Safety Guidelines | Pretty Handy Girl

  • Know what you might be chopping into to keep away from nails, free knots, and so forth.
  • At all times have further out feed toughen in position in the back of the noticed desk.
  • Don’t unlock the paintings piece till it’s the entire well past the again of the desk noticed blade.
  • Don’t lower stacked subject material.
  • Stay your paintings house blank. It might be a disgrace if the ones scraps sitting in entrance of your noticed brought about you to stand plant into your noticed.
  • Unplug the noticed when you find yourself converting the blade.
  • Don’t stand at the back of the blade or the paintings piece. Believe me, if a board goes to kickback, it’s going to pop out of there like a bullet. Final thing you need to do is stand in its flight trail!
  • Use a push board, stick (GRR-Ripper) when making rip cuts narrower than 6 in.


Techniques to Save you Kickback

  • Don’t use the miter gauge and the rip fence in combination. This can be a assured invitation for the board to bind and kickback.
  • Use the miter gauge or a sled for all crosscutting and the rip fence for ripping.
  • By no means rip picket this is twisted, warped or doesn’t have no less than one instantly edge.
  • Don’t noticed a work freehand.
  • Use a sliding desk for chopping massive sheet items or lower all the way down to a manageable measurement with a monitor noticed, panel noticed. There are a number of techniques to perform this. You’ll be able to clamp a board all the way down to the sheet just right and use that as a instantly edge on your round noticed.
  • Use feather forums when ripping.
  • Use 0 clearance inserts no longer best will this assist stay your cuts crisp, it’s going to additionally assist stay small items of picket from assembly your beautiful face. Once more believe me, getting hit within the face with a free knot isn’t amusing.
  • Use the right kind blade for the process, Maximum folks use a mixture blade. which is just right for each ripping and chopping forums. Don’t know your blades? Take a look at my put up right here. I did an intensive instructional on settling on blades.
  • Don’t overfeed your blade. If you’re bogging down your noticed, you might be almost certainly pushing your paintings piece via your noticed too speedy. That is differently to have a board relax.


I discovered that numerous people are worried to function a desk noticed for the primary time. I am getting it… there’s something about listening to the motor get started, seeing the blade spin and feeling the wind off the blade. If you are feeling this fashion, in finding any person a professional to oversee and apply!

I do know that is numerous data suddenly. However if you happen to appreciate your funding, stay it tuned up, stay your frame portions clear of the blade and get out of the way in which from the ones flying portions… all that’s left is to move out have FUN!!!! and construct one thing lately.

Thank you, It’s been an honor to borrow Brittany’s platform lately!


And a large massive thanks to Nick for breaking down the security pointers when the usage of a desk noticed! Do you are feeling empowered to make use of a desk noticed?  You’ll be able to no doubt deal with it!


Have an ideal weekend and relaxation up for Monday’s efficiency. You are going to love Gail’s efficiency!


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Read these Table Saw Safety and Guidelines to help keep you and your fingers safe! | Power tool safety | Pretty Handy Girl #prettyhandygirl #powertoolsafety #tablesawsafety

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