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You know, that friend who’s actually really boring and weird? Submitted by: (via sweetbeans) Tagged:…

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We All Have That 'Friend'

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We know that roasts involve people literally asking for it, but also…why? Guess some people…

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Cartoonist Brutally Roasts Redditors By Sketching Their Ugliest Features

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Well if one thing’s for sure here, somebody definitely got fired that day! Submitted by:…

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This BBC News Eff-Up Might Be The Cringiest On-Air Blunder Ever

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We really thought that multi-level marketers had sucked enough soul out of the world, but…

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Pyramid Schemer Reaches New Low By Preying On Grieving Friend

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This is a revelation. Submitted by: (via doodlydoodledumdum) Tagged: reveal , WoW , wtf ,…

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It can be really difficult to see your partner’s character flaws when you’re blinded by…

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18 Totally Unfair Rules People Have For Their Significant Others

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Honestly never even thought about this before! Submitted by: (via Memefulthinking69) Tagged: narration , friendship…

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Damn, That Hits Hard

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Well this was almost certainly the most interesting thing that happened to this cop all…

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Plane Makes Emergency Landing On A Highway In This Odd Dash-Cam Video

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We love nerding out over history pics and trivia tidbits. If you’re also into that…

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42 Fascinating Pics That Show A Totally Unexpected Side Of History