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It’s funny cuz it’s true. Submitted by: (via @memebase) Tagged: twitter , funny pics ,…

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We can’t all be Einstein-level geniuses, but that is actually perfectly okay. And there are…

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29 Memes For The Non-Geniuses

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We’ll be the first to admit that these memes, tweets, and pics won’t be winning…

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21 Assorted Memes & Tweets For Your Time-Wasting Pleasure

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We’re all familiar with the aphorism “Nice guys finish last.” It seems that many self-proclaimed…

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20 Bitter "Nice Guy" Memes That'll Make You Cringe Til You Cry

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If you’re bored out of your mind but still have standards, these are the memes…

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28 Quality Memes For The Discerning Bored Person

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It can be really difficult to see your partner’s character flaws when you’re blinded by…

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18 Totally Unfair Rules People Have For Their Significant Others

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Well, sh*t. One very shook gentleman took to Reddit after discovering that his girlfriend was…

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Distressed Dude Turns To Reddit After Discovering A Very Crappy Relationship Issue

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Happy Monday! We’ll get through this together. Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , life , school…

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30 Funky Tweets That'll Distract You From Your Pain

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These fresh tweets range from goofy and pointless to a freakishly self-deprecating and relatable. And…

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18 Fresh Tweets You May Or May Not Relate To

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It’s like he never existed. Submitted by: (via @memebase) Tagged: dating memes , tinder ,…

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