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We’re willing to bet that you all have those Facebook or Instagram friends that make…

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Eighteen Cringe Pics That'll Facepalm You Into A Concussion

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We know that roasts involve people literally asking for it, but also…why? Guess some people…

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Cartoonist Brutally Roasts Redditors By Sketching Their Ugliest Features

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It’s no secret that the stupidity of the world is more evident on the internet….

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15 Moments Of Pure Unadulterated Facepalm

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It’s a pretty well-known fact that ignorance is bliss. These tidbits from an especially uncomfortable…

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17 Cringy Facts That People Have Desperately Wanted To 'Un-Know'

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Taking photos may not be the most fun gig in the world, but usually you…

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Choosy Beggar Gets Shut Down After Asking For Insane Wedding Photo Favor

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If you’ve ever texted your ex at 3am or put off something important to the…

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'Regretful Hulk' Memes Are Overflowing With Relatable Cringe

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We really thought that multi-level marketers had sucked enough soul out of the world, but…

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Pyramid Schemer Reaches New Low By Preying On Grieving Friend

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If you thought your Aunt Dorothy’s doll collection, couch covers, and doilies were problematic, you’re…

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Viral Twitter Thread Is A Goldmine Of Cringey Architecture & Design Fails

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We’re all familiar with the aphorism “Nice guys finish last.” It seems that many self-proclaimed…

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20 Bitter "Nice Guy" Memes That'll Make You Cringe Til You Cry

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Our boy Elon Musk might be the most cringey billionaire on the scene right now,…

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15 Elon Musk Memes That'll Restore Your Receding Hairline