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Sundays are weird. On one hand, you want to make the most of your last…

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Entertaining Memes & Tweets For The Perpetually Bored (30 Images)

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Remember the good old days? When we weren’t glued to our smartphones, Instagramming every meal,…

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'Not A Cell Phone In Sight' Is A Meme Brimming With Facetious Nostalgia

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We love a good copypasta, and Twitter seriously delivered this week with this history-related meme….

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People Are Trolling Twitter With Ridiculous Images Of What Cleopatra Looked Like

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These “life hacks” aren’t going to be elevating your quality of life because they’re useful.They’re…

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39 Sh*tty Life Hacks That'll At Least Make Life Interesting

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Who on earth doesn’t love Jeff Goldblum? Psychos, that’s who. Seriously, the dude is classy…

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Sixteen Jeff Goldblum Nuggets In Honor Of The Suave Dude Himself

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It’s official: James the Intern is our new hero. We’re not sure if it counts…

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Twitter Thread About Dimwitted Intern Is A Facepalm Explosion

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Summer ends as soon as it’s started. Submitted by: (via @memebase) Tagged: time , time…

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Too Real

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Former Brat Pack star andParks and Rec darling Rob Lowe is easily one of our favorite…

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Rob Lowe's Son Displays Masterful Trolling On His Pops' Instagram

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Thank god we’ve made it through this hellish week to Friday!  The incredible reward for…

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Forty-Five Bomb Memes For All You Tired Souls

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C’mon people, can we change this? Submitted by: (via JoMan1001) Tagged: Sad , brazil ,…

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Pretty Depressing