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We’re willing to bet that you all have those Facebook or Instagram friends that make…

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Eighteen Cringe Pics That'll Facepalm You Into A Concussion

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Y’all ever get so stoned off of the reefer that you forgot the names of…

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Thirty-Eight Brilliant 'Stoner Names' For Stuff That Already Exists

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These “life hacks” aren’t going to be elevating your quality of life because they’re useful.They’re…

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39 Sh*tty Life Hacks That'll At Least Make Life Interesting

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It’s official: James the Intern is our new hero. We’re not sure if it counts…

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Twitter Thread About Dimwitted Intern Is A Facepalm Explosion

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I can’t unlearn this information. Submitted by: (via @memebase) Tagged: insects , tumblr , funny…

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Well, Shit

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Summer ends as soon as it’s started. Submitted by: (via @memebase) Tagged: time , time…

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Too Real

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What do you get when you take a hefty dose of nostalgia and mix it…

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This Anti-Vaxx Take On The Powerpuff Girls Is Both Disturbing & Hilarious

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Fridays are tough. The day promises freedom, and yet seems to drag longer than any…

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Boozy Memes To Help You Kick Off The Weekend

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TGIF Submitted by: (via @memebase) Tagged: drinking , alcohol , booze , funny memes ,…

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Yeah Right

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As shallow tabloids go, the Daily Mail is one of the worst offenders out there….

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Genius Twitter Account Gives Male Celebs The Shallow Tabloid Treatment